RMC Learning Solutions®

About RMC Learning Solutions ®

RMC Project Management develops and trains project managers, business analysts and agile practitioners by providing the skills necessary to succeed in their careers. For over 22 years RMC has helped more than 750,000 individuals, as well as professionals across the Fortune 500 and in government agencies:

  • Develop practical knowledge immediately applicable to their careers.
  • Deliver results, using proven techniques and best practices.
  • Cultivate and retain top talent.
  • Maximize retention through innovative products, classes and programs taught by accomplished professionals.
  • Minimize the numbers of hours required to learn new skills.

The RMC Training Advantage


RMC provides individuals and teams with the opportunity to learn and use highly effective Project Management, Business Analysis and Agile practices that can be applied immediately on the job. We listen to students and clients, and integrate their ideas and perspectives to enrich the learning experience.


All RMC instruction and content focuses on a continuous cycle of learning. We plan, set goals and teach—then measure progress toward goals and adjust accordingly. RMC incorporates real-time feedback into all of its programs wherever possible, and is always monitoring for additional learning opportunities. In this way, we understand that best practices have been mastered.